Why Travel?

Have you ever felt the incessant need to escape but you don’t know from what? A strong urge to break free from the mechanical, mind-numbing life that you are leading and fly away? When it rains, and everybody is complaining about the mud and dirt, do you stop a moment to admire the colour of the leaves, decorated with transparent diamonds and absorb the moment? If so, then you are not really very different from me, we both belong to the nature.

While struggling with tedious, mind-numbing daily routine, we often forget ourselves, our secret longings turn strangers to us. We keep on planning that trip which would be taken after the next promotion, after the next deployment, after the next…...well, the next never ends and we forget; and then again we remember but not long before an ‘important’ office or family crisis shows up and thus the next never ends. The only thing that could go wrong with impromptu trips is not taking them. Want to explore, pack your bags, book the next flight and leave; just melt away, give in to your desires, your secret dream of shouting out from the tip of the valley need not be a dream anymore, shout till your throat is sore, then laugh and give in, travel, visit and you will find a new avatar of yourself. No one is stopping you but you.