Hiring and Retention lessons from Game of Thrones

Part 1: Robb Stark

G.O.T the name itself brings an excitement in all of us. With it’s 6th season having ended in utter magnificence all of us are eagerly waiting for the 7th season which isn’t live till next year. With the appalling battle scenes, betrayal, conspiracies, covetousness prevalent in the series, it’s not a surprise that it has become one of the most widely viewed tv shows of all time.

On analysing thoroughly one can comprehend that primarily two factors play the major role in the course of the series, i.e Decision-Making and Trust. We have seen how several lead characters did the mistake of taking the wrong decision in trusting the wrong person and had to pay for it with their lives. Similar is the case with hiring, one wrong hire can disrupt your company culture and management system and sure can cost you quite some money.

There are hiring lessons which one can ruminate over from this famous TV series. Let’s take a look at them :

Things Robb Stark did and you musn’t

Trusting Edmund Tully with a major endeavour

hiring mistakes

Edmund truly is a man who can talk the big talk but refuses the walk; the talk no way makes up for his inability to command. His impromptu decisions in capturing the Lannister boys completely neglecting Robb’s order did cost him a large part of his army.

Of course you would want candidates who would be open about their opinions but in an organization everyone works towards a common goal. If he is more keen on rowing a solo boat, hiring him could derange your standard workflow.

Trusting the Boltons

hiring tragedy

Wasn’t Robb a bit suspicious that despite sending the Bolton forces to Winterfell, there was no news about Theon and his land was in fire. Maybe he trusted Bolton too much or his administration was loose. Trusting your employees is encouraged of course, but maybe it wouldn’t harm to check on their tasks every once in a while and of course in a healthy way.

Marrying Talisa

hiring mistakes

Commitment is a word heavier than it’s length. This was a blunder he did due to his lack of experience and political acumen. Emotions and political alliances were mixed and was the major reason for his slaughter.
When you onboard someone, there are promises made from both sides. Are they adhered to, or are lost somewhere in the daily course of work? This is one of the main reasons behind employee discontent. Promises made, should be fulfilled from both ways.

In my upcoming articles, we would contemplate on the mistakes committed by the other GOT characters and how are they applicable in recruitment and healthy management of employees.