5 Copy-writing Styles That You Must Know About

Copywriting is the art of writing a copy in the text format to advertise or market a product, business or idea. There are various copywriting styles when it comes to advertising and each has it’s own unique features. Here, we are going to discuss about five main styles of copywriting.

Descriptive Copy

Did you see any colorful images and compelling words? It’s just a white paper with a description of the service provided by the company, “Builders of Official Machines and Equipments.” This is a perfect example of descriptive ad copy. Here, the features of the product is explained in a very simple manner and it lacks a touch of style. The tone of the advertisement seems to be an announcement to the readers who would be interested in the service.

This ad would definitely not make you stop and turn back the page.

Scientific Copy

This kind of ad copy is filled with technical jargons meant for only those people who would understand them and would be interested in reading them for buying the product. For example, if we consider this phrase ”Inhibits hepatic gluconeogenesis”, if you do not know that “hepatic” is associated with liver, then you would have no idea what this ad is about. Therefore scientific ads are specifically targeted towards professionals.

Conversational Copy

This kind of ad copy converses with the audience while putting up the brand message. There is a human connection and instead of plain sentences, there is an usage of “I”, “you” and “we”, so that the consumers feel as if the ad is talking to them. Conversational ads aim to increase the engagement with the user. Most of the advertisements which you would encounter in facebook, twitter as well as the TV ads follow this style.

Humorous Copy

The main purpose of advertising is to leave a lasting impression in the minds of the readers. That being said, laughter is an ideal emotion to point to for attracting the attention of the target users. Especially when it comes to B2C products, a pinch of humor increases the longevity of the impression of your product in the minds of the audience.

This advertisement of Surf-Excel was one of the most popular ads in television. Watch it here:

Aren’t they adorable?

Narrative Copy

In this kind of advertisements, the message is projected by a fictional story. There will be a narration of a story and the benefits of the product does emerge from the story itself. It mainly focuses on the emotions of the target audience, either the script is humorous or has a strong appeal to be embedded in the minds of the viewer/reader.

All these types of advertisements has it's own specialty and is a factor of the purpose, the message and above all, the target audience. In my next article, I would talk about some important techniques which a copywriter must adopt.